Ale González

Artist/developer. I am interested in the creative and emancipatory possibilities of digital technologies and free culture and issues related to urban policies and cultures.


  • 01.07—01.08.2024
    Research residency
    FILTER Detroit
    FILTER [Detroit]
  • 22.06—01.09.2024
    Solo exhibition
    Doctor Bar [Sevilla]
  • 30.04—15.05.2024
    Netart intervention
    onit [www]
  • 22.04—17.05.2024
    Solo exhibition
    Mugre #03
    La Lonja Vieja [Barbate]
  • 2024


    Custom drawing software · Risography

    Series of compositions that oscillate between the abstract and the three-dimensional through the use of geometric textures on flat tessellations based on the subdivision of randomly generated voronoi patterns.

  • 2021

    Data for the Drama

    Real-time generative online visual installation

    Real-time online viewing of the play Delicescente Eva, created in collaboration with Sergio Moreno and Pablo Pujol. This work was commissioned by Álex Peña, a playwright who is researching the concept "exodrama". It's made up of a setup of sensors on scene, connected to an online software. It was put into practice at the premiere of the play at the Teatro de la Abadía (Madrid) so that a digital representation of the play could be attended, on the internet and in public spaces, using the theater's outside screen. A small publication was produced with all the data obtained in the representation.

    Image of the setup during the performance at the Teatro de la Abadía (Madrid)
  • 2019


    Custom drawing software

    This algorithm represents a series of geometric shapes through the interstices that are generated between them, using algebraic distance as the articulating element. This work was selected for the Processing Community Catalog.

    Image of the work selected for the Processing Community Catalog
  • 2018


    Data visualization of chromaticism and aroma of the flora in the public space of Seville. This work was commissioned by Nomad Garden, as part of the exhibition El Jardín Cosmopolita that took place in the Carriage Room of the Reales Alcázares and at the CaixaForum (Seville).

    General view of the exhibition El Jardín Cosmopolita in Los Reales Alcázares (Seville). Exhibition designed by Nomad Garden.
  • 2021

    The trees don't let you see the forest

    Custom drawing software

    Algorithm inspired by the classic generative art work Substrate, in which birth/mortality rules are imposed on a tree structure.

  • 2016-2024


    Photography · Poster

    Photographic project in progress that searches for and collects collages that appear naturally on the walls of cities I travel through. This is a very small collection. You can see the entire collection in the following link.


  • 2015

    The bank always wins in the Game of Life

    Real-time generative online visual installation

    This work is a game of life where each cell acts as a control digit of its environment using the validation algorithm of credit card numbers. It is scheduled for online representation in real time. This work was selected for the netart category of the 14th Image Festival of Manizales, Colombia.

  • 2016–2023

    El Topo

    Editorial illustration · Printed newspaper

    Samples of editorial illustration for El Topo magazine.

    «Anestesiados. La humanidad bajo el imperio de la tecnología» Anesthetized. Humanity under the rule of technology'), interview with Diego Hidalgo. El Topo, nº57.

  • 2024


    Custom drawing software · Risography

    Graphical exploration of the introduction of glitches in a curve smoothing algorithm.

  • 2021

    Neon heart

    Photography / glitch · Printed publication
    Corazón de Neón ('Neon heart') is the name of the publication that Quebradero Estudio produced to make a graphic reflection on the nightlife lost during the pandemic and confinement, which was commissioned to several artists from Seville. I made an approach through photographs of posters of events that were made or not made during the time (in line with my project Mugre), which I later manipulated to glitch their color and shape.
  • 2022


    Custom drawing software

    Tessellations created from regular polygon subdivision algorithms to which I give volume and depth through the use of textures inspired by the engraving technique.

  • 2015

    The Digital City

    Editorial illustration

    Compositions that symbolically metaphorize the urban metabolism using the algorithm that I created for Intersticio. Series created to illustrate the article by José Pérez de Lama in the publication La Ciudad del Futuro.

  • 2019


    Custom drawing software

    Encoding and re-composition of Bridget Riley's classic work, Blaze.

  • 2014

    The Andros drive

    Editorial illustration · Book

    Work created to illustrate the cover of La Pulsión de Andros, a pornographic novel by José Pernil. It's a drawing software that takes as source an image of Michelangelo's David and uses fields modeled by noise algorithms to generate tortuous and irregular brush strokes partially controlled by hand.

  • 2014


    Custom drawing software

    Visualizations of flow fields, modeled by physical forces of attraction and repulsion.

  • 2014


    Custom drawing software

    This experiment is based on the philosophical concept of emergence, which explains how the simple interaction of agents is capable of creating unplanned but coherent and highly organized logics (such as the behavior of social animals such as ants or termites). In this case, the piece is drawn by ring of particles whose behavior is influenced by what they know about their immediate neighbors in the chain. This, together with a physical dynamic modeled by a noise algorithm, ends up generating visual structures that oscillate between the geological, the organic and the abstract.

  • 2014


    Custom image modification software · glitch

    Visual remixes of the canonical representation of power that use computer vision algorithms and the geometric logic of tangram to subdivide portraits into geometries that are subsequently decomposed.



  • 2012

    The beauty and the bit

    Custom image modification software · glitch

    Visual remixes of the canonical representation of woman beauty. A hand-controlled bitshifting algorithm is used to deconstruct images (the "Hollywood beauties") that built, among others, the western ideal of female beauty in the 20th century.

    Ava Gardner

  • 2015


    Custom drawing software

    Voids is a drawing software for the real-time generation of audio-reactive projections. To do this I use a set of triangular particles that react through physical attractions and repulsions to manual interaction. The name pays homage to Craig Reynolds' boids algorithm, which simulates the behavior of flocks of animals.