Hi. My name is Ale. I'm a designer/developer/artist/architect that works mainly with data visualization and generative design. Beside my arty stuff I work in t/ejido, a coop that works with free tech in the fields of urban and social transformation, architecture and art. My work has travelled with different friends as: Arquitecturas Colectivas [int.], CelebrabisVitae [London], Centro de las Artes de Sevilla [Seville], Chelsea School of Arts [London], CitizensLab [Europe], CommonsFest [Athens], Comunidad Farfulla [México], DarkMatterGames [Venice], FAD [Barcelona], Festival de la Imagen [Manizales, Colombia], HackCircus Magazine [Sheffield], IDBarri [Barcelona], IdeaCamp [Europe], Light art festival Aura [Sintra, Portugal], Luces de Barrio [Seville], Open Thurdays/Hangar [Barcelona], OSCEDays [Barcelona], Public Space Days [Chisinau], Skullogic [Brisbane, Australia] or Visualizar/MedialabPrado [Madrid]. I'm open to collabs and comissions, just get in touch.